Secret Santa – The heavy-handed satire of Excel Saga

2011 December 24
by Jaren L

This post is a part of the Reverse Thieves’ Anime Secret Santa project.

“I, 8C, hereby give my permission to turn the Girl Cartoons blog into an episodic anime blog!”


This episode was pretty crazy! But it was a lot of fun, too!


The episode opens with a letter from “Mitsuishi Kotono”. I don’t know who that is but her Anime News Network page says she’s been in a lot of old animes nobody cares about! But anyway, she asks for them to turn Excel Saga into a musical – LOL, pretty random.

There’s over 9000!

But then they really turn it into a musical! Excel starts singing, then Rikudo and the afro guy, THEN EVEN ILPALAZZO-SAMA! This whole scene was actually

pretty funny! And then they decide to really make it a musical episode.

This OP is always so catchy

But that was really just a false alarm because then Ilpalazzo-sama is just talking to them. Aww. Anyway Ilpalazzo-sama is still mad that the world is corrupt, so he tells Excel and Hyatt that they need to try harder.

I didn’t really understand this part. Who’s Spielberg?

Then Sara Cossette comes in! Long-time readers will know that I thought Cossette was both hilarious and really moe in episode 08, so I was excited to see her come back.

And she’s just as sexy as before! (^_^)

Ilpalazzo tells them to execute Operation H 3223223 (it’s over 9000! LOL) and says he will see them in three days. Then

OMG! A naked hottie! No Fapping guys, LOL.

there’s a scene of Misaki taking a

OMG! Loli Nipple! Really guys no Fapping okay LOL!

shower! It turns out the old guy is spying on them, though. What a pervert! Not that I can blame him though, LOL!

This show is so random!

Then we go back to Excel and her nakamas looking at a bottle of “Mystery Medicine”. Sara offers Excel and Hyatt a cake that she secretly put the medicine in.

This cake looks really good. *drools*

There’s a random trippy scene where everyone is ghosts and then it cuts to Watanabe having a flashback about Hyatt shooting him, when suddenly Hyatt walks by his window. But it’s not really Hyatt, it’s Excel inside her body!

I would choose all of them. LOL!

Excel-Hyatt beats up Watanabe and dances away singing about vomit, when suddenly she sees her reflection in a mirror, and notices she looks like Hyatt.

What are those mannequins doing? LOL

She stares in the window for a really long time, then plays rock-paper-scissors with herself, then says “naha-naha”, then stares in the window some more. I almost fell asleep! (LOL j/k)

Excel-Hyatt runs to a bathroom, where she freaks out and then strips naked in the bathroom stall.

Fweet fweoo!

Suddenly she starts puking blood everywhere and turns into a skeleton. Excel-Hyatt screams for Ilpalazzo-sama’s help…

Free Bird!

…but he’s too busy rocking out! And telling you to watch the commercial for Puni Puni Poemy which is some dumb magical girl thing or something. I dunno, Ilpalazzo-sama, it doesn’t look that great.

On the other hand, it does have a mecha…

Anyway, after the commercial we come back to Hyatt-Excel (Hyatt in Excel’s body!) jumping off of a balcony and then running around.

And then back to Excel-Hyatt!

Excel-Hyatt goes to a hospital to get better, the doctor shoots her with a bunch of syringes and then with electricity and she’s all better! Cossette is on the phone with Ilpalazzo-sama telling him about all that happened.

But Ilpalazzo-sama is too busy rocking out again!

Then it goes back to Watanabe thinking about Hyatt, and he imagines her wearing a Hadaka Epuron (That’s Japanese for “naked apron.” Like wearing an apron and nothing else! Only in Japan LOL) when suddenly Hyatt-Excel shows up.

LOL, Watanabe!

Watanabe suddenly asks Hyatt-Excel out, and she says okay, and then they go to a hotel. Cossette was secretly watching them, and suddenly the scientist guy pops up and then they go to the hotel too.

Ew Menchi, that’s gross! LOL

Suddenly Excel-Hyatt shows up and decides to follow Watanabe and Hyatt-Excel inside. She started bleeding again so she crawls inside and throws up on the hotel woman.


Then Watanabe is waiting for Hyatt-Excel to get out of the bath, and can’t wait so he sneaks in on her. Then Cossette walks out of the shower to science guy and opens up her towel.

OMG Loli Nipple…?

Scientist guy is mad that she has boobs (Your loss dude! LOL) so he walks out but she grabs on to his leg. Then Excel-Hyatt wiggles under the door to Watanabe and Hyatt’s room where Watanabe is humping on Hyatt-Excel! But when they notice Excel-Hyatt Watanabe starts talking to himself and Hyatt-Excel starts making sexy poses for Excel-Hyatt.

LOL Fan Service!

Then Excel-Hyatt and Hyatt-Excel bump their heads together but that doesn’t work so they do a fusion move. Then they turn into a weird robot Power Ranger thing but they don’t know how to split back apart. Then Nabeshin’s car turns into a plane and he fights some things and flies to the hotel and shoots at some ugly people and uses his arm cannon on the That Guy clones and breaks through the wall to the room with Excel and Hyatt. Then the hotel blows up.

I agree, Nabeshin! LOL

Then Pedro and his wife and son are walking around in Japan when they run into Excel, Hyatt and Cossette. Then Hyatt starts throwing up blood and it drowns the whole earth. Gross LOL! Then Ilpalazzo-sama does a thumbs-up sign.

Then Nabeshin is getting married, but the preacher is Rikudo! And he’s mad about how weird the ending is, so he and Nabeshin kick in mid-air.


And that’s Excel Saga 26!

OMG! Why wasn’t this the normal ED! LOL


There’s over 9000!

This show was really wacky but also really funny. The first cour was a little boring but overall it was really funny!

Today’s experiment…… uh, yeah, failed.

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